Special Thanks

Special Thanks

We are grateful and blessed to be supported by the following organizations and groups:

Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation Positive Strokes, Inc.
First 5 Yolo Bob Lew and Marion Franck Foundation
Cristo Rey High School Stephen Holladay Construction
Pfund Family Foundation Golden State Electric
Beneto Foundation University Covenant Nursery School
Donant Foundation Girl Scouts
Arp Family Foundation Woodland United Methodist Women
Breault Asphault Yolo County Food Bank
M.B.M. Maintenance Woodland Sunrise Rotary
In-N-Out Burger Foundation          Hart Family Foundation
Todd Murray Law Offices Active 20-30 Club #1
Readers in the Hood Woodland Town and Country Club Foundation
Omega Nu of Woodland Frank and Delma Carson Foundation
Venture Club Roatary Club of Davis
Biberstein Social Action Fund Karis Corporation
Society of the Divine Savior
Merchants National Bank 
   of Sacramento
Valente Foundation

We are grateful and blessed to be supported by the following individuals:

Mary Drummond Monty & Melissa Daley
Katherine Higdon Ken & Marcia Hammill
O'Hearn Family Stanley Huser
Ken Steiger Dr. Robert & Darle Tilly
Todd & Betsy Stone Brent & Linda Mowery
David & Tanya Curry Kim & David Elliott
Shanna Baggaley Tom & Lise Knox
Christopher Little J. Steven Carrillo
Kaye Kinsey Paul & Carol Cunha
Drew Houghton Sandelle L. McGriff
David Black Gary Gaunther
Steve Hussey Harrison Family
Carlton Naake Richard & Lucille Harrison
Richard W. French Robert Smith
David M. Delehant Ken Stone & Lisa Del Pero
Paul & Sharon Friedrich George Hullin
Donald Rex Heckman II Gary Galster
Jeff Gustafson Patrick Gainer

Love the one-way window for observing your child.
Damien's favorite day is with Music Matt. I love listening to him explain what they did.

Yocha Dehe, A Special Partner

In an effort to raise responsible and compassionate children, we would like to share with you the following link from the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation. We are honored and proud to be able to partner with the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, which has provided much needed financial support to Ark Preschool. The Wintun Nation has greatly added to our knowledge about what it means to be an inclusive and caring community. We offer the link below in the hopes that as your child participates in sports and in life, you will encourage them to be respectful of others and aware of appropriate mascots.